Welcome  to Digby Village Website!

We hope that this site will be of interest to many people both in Digby village (Lincolnshire, UK) and those from outside.  This site aims to be a resource of everything that happens in the village from events happening, to the history of Digby village.

Digby is a small village, population 500. It is situated in rural Lincolnshire, UK – 13 miles south of Lincoln, 6 miles north of Sleaford. The village has a long history

Other Digbys:

So far we have found two other Digby villages and towns around the world.

Digby, Victoria, Australia. This Digby was actually named after our village!

Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. This Digby was named after the British Admiral Digby. Overview of Digby, Details on Digby. Another website for Digby.

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This site is owned by Digby War Memorial Hall. Please leave a message in the guest book or e-mail us if you have any comments.

Last updated 18th August 2004